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How a Web Programmer Can Revive & Enhance Your Website


If you are reading this, you have most likely launched a website, most likely with zeal and drive. However, for whatever reason, you abandoned your website and allowed it to degrade over time because at the end of the day you are not a web programmer.

We are confident that you are pretty excellent at what you do, whether it was because you were too busy taking care of the kids, traveling on business trips, working long hours, or simply because you became discouraged and gave up.

You will, however, need to put in more work in order to succeed in this online endeavor, even if you are not a web programmer or a web developer, or you don’t have a web development team to help you understand the development process.

In this article, you will learn how to enhance your website.

  • Neat, user-friendly websites are easier to navigate for the end-user.
  • Cleaner websites aid in the customer’s understanding of the product or service.

As a result, they are more inclined to buy. Your user will be led along a mental corridor where they will be urged to buy, free of distractions.

Understanding the Different Roles

Just like in any other business function, when it comes to the website there are different roles that have to work closely together and as you will read below. Hence, it’s really important to understand the roles firstly.

Web Programmer / Web Development

There are different types of software development languages. While it’s not as complicated as object-oriented programming – web development is a niche market.

The role of the web programmer (known also as a web developer) is to develop the website from a ready design or do the changes. This includes web applications and web pages The member is often part of a whole web development function, however, it’s also possible to be an individual in some cases.

Web Designer

People often mistake this role together with a web programmer. A web programmer needs a web designer to come up with the user experience or user interface design to make sure that the website is optimized for conversions or other actions.

In many agencies, Web Designer and Web Development are in the same function to make sure they are working in tandem.


Just like the Web Programmer role shouldn’t be mixed with that of a web designer, it’s also important to not mix the creative with the other roles.

A web designer will be knowledgeable in creating conversion-based websites, but the creative, colors, and other branding material need to come from the creative team as they would be the experts.

SEO Executive

Often Web Programmer‘s most important partnership is with the SEO team as they are technical and can guide the web developer for technical changes. The role of the SEO executive is none other than making sure you rank and are visible on the search engines, mainly Google.

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As mentioned before, the SEO team’s most important partnership is often with the web development team. This is due that the two need each other to survive. Even a live website has to be optimized on a regular basis.

Consider yours, which has been dead for a long time! Begin with your key phrases and focus keywords. They will be required for page ranking purposes. You will also need to index the links to speed up the process of making all of your sites show more quickly in Google searches.

The first step of SEO is always to perform a complete technical audit to come up with a plan of action for the SEO team and the web development to action.

Performing A Complete Technical Audit

By default, this is the initial step in determining the condition of your website together with your web programmer. Depending on how long your site has been inactive, you may find yourself in a variety of scenarios. It is possible that your material could be devalued, or that the niche you abandoned will now face fierce competition.

SEO is an important part of a website, as years go by, the relationship between SEO and web programmers teams is growing. It’s becoming essentially vital that both teams know both niches and work closely together.

As you’ll see in this part, when it comes to performing a complete technical audit – there is a lot of SEO work to be done. Together with the SEO team, every web programmer should follow these steps:

Crawl your website:

One popular tool for this is Screaming frog where it gives you all the technical details of the website. Mainly used by SEO Gurus – it’s also perfect for web programmers. After all, SEO is an important part of a website.

Perform a manual Google search

By partnering up with the SEO executive, here you can ensure where your page is visible and what can you do to improve. Often, some web programmers make the mistake to go live with the website but not connecting it with the Google Search Console. This is a tool that securely makes you visible in Google. It’s important to do this manual Google Search to ensure that it’s connected.

What’s the point of having a website if you are not visible?

Make sure only one version of your site is browsable

It’s not often that this happens but make sure that there is only one website live. This error typically happens when changing URLs and you forget to tell the web programmer to switch off the other website. It happens as you would be excited by the new website.

Also, another error that it’s likely to happen is that you have multiple index pages. It’s important to use a canonical tag. This means letting google know that it’s a duplicate page. The process is quite easy when using a web programmer, as it’s a piece of short code implemented on the pages.

Conduct on-page technical SEO checks

Without going into technical terms, on-page SEO is the cone of the Ice cream which is the content of the website. It holds it all together. Without this optimization, you will not be going far in terms of ranking and visibility. It’s really important that your web programmer or the web development and SEO team work hand in hand when conducting this.

Either by checking with a tool or manually, it’s really important that your links are working and not returning any 404s. That’s really bad for ranking potential on the search engine. Often the web programmers audit this frequently. Both links to internal pages (pages on the same website) and external pages (pages that are outside of the website – mainly used in Blogs.)

Check your site speed

Site speed is also an important factor for web developers, especially for user experience. A user will get frustrated if a website takes a long to load. Life is too fast to wait.

It’s really important that the web programmer – together with the SEO executive – audits this frequently and finds a constant and permanent solution to fix the website both on Desktop and Mobile.

Leverage your analytics and compare site metrics

It’s important to install all Google tools such as Search Console, Analytics, and Optimize. These tools will help you to analyze which pages are working best and not. While this is not done by a web programmer or web designers- often they can read the reports. In this way, you can decide which pages need to change and be re-designed.

Designing and Branding Your Website

In this part, you need a full team working together, mainly composed of a web programmer, UX designer, and creative. This team mainly needs to ask these questions to see whether you need to redesign and redevelop a new website or just do some changes.

  • How well-designed is your website?
  • Do your photos appear to be outdated? Replace them with newer, brighter ones.
  • Is it sluggish, is it correctly written, or are you still utilizing old technology?
  • Is your website compatible with mobile devices? Check to see whether it works on all of your devices.
  • Is your current branding style appropriate for your target audience?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, make the necessary changes and set aside the necessary funds to keep up with the latest technology.

Managing Content and the Community

This is the perfect example where you need a whole function, not just a web development function. Your users are the community. It’s important to keep it in your mind when going through your website. It is essential that the web programmer is discussing the below factors together with the rest of the function.

Does your material appear to be disorganized? To attract the visitor’s attention, make it very simple to read and understand.

Are there any high-quality backlinks in the content? Is the information correct in the meta titles and meta descriptions?

How frequently do you update your blog or website? If it is less than twice a week, you should be aware that it is insufficient. To be effective, you need to publish something at least three times every week.

How many visitors do you get on a daily basis? What kind of activity do you have on your website? If they are low, you have already figured out what to do! You must create a community for yourself. That can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You may use social media to promote your content, organize events, and use email marketing, to mention a few options.


We went through the different roles, especially that of a web programmer. But the most important part is that you need a whole function working in tandem to succeed. We know you might be lost up to this point. Therefore, we strongly advise you to hire a professional web programming firm. Look at some of the case studies that ANCHOVY. has done in the MENA region. 

Al Majal Al Arabi 

Along with revamping their brand to the modern world, Al Majal, and ANCHOVY. worked together to create a new website to better communicate to their users.

You can read more about the case study here https://www.anchovyinc.com/work/al-majal-al-arabi and look at their fresh new website at https://almajalholding.com.sa/.


Misk Hub partnered with ANCHOVY. to refresh their website from a user experience perspective. This is a perfect example of using tradition to communicate with your users. Keeping Misk’s dedication to Saudi Arabia in mind, ANCHOVY. took inspiration from local Al Sadu embroidery patterns.

You can read more about the case study here https://www.anchovyinc.com/work/misk-youth-hub and look at their fresh new website at https://hub.misk.org.sa.

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