6 Best Restaurant Web Design Examples to Follow
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6 Best Restaurant Web Design Examples to Follow


A great restaurant web design goes beyond just being beautiful. It needs to be effective. It’s the perfect combination of amazing images and useful information for any customer. And trust us when we say, that blend is not easy to create. A quick Google search can prove us right.

Most restaurant websites focus on packing it with provoking visuals while forgetting to hold the visitor’s attention and making it easier for them to buy from you. Ironic? Yes! But we are here to help you.

Along these lines, you will learn how to improve your own restaurant website design.

The power of good web design

Not only restaurants benefit from a good web design. Any business that is looking to make a great impression on its potential customers needs to invest in a professional website design. Why? Why can’t you just create it yourself with some online free templates?

Because your website is the first impression online visitors have about your business. They are going to judge based on those first few seconds they spend on your web. So, you need to make sure it is as perfect as it can be.

At the same time, if your online users do not have a great online experience, they will automatically assume that their dining experience will be the same.

On the other hand, a good web design helps you rank in search engines, boost revenue, and establish a consistent brand identity. And, as if that was not enough, it is a great asset to stay ahead of your competitors.

With that idea in mind, we want to encourage you to take a moment and look at your competitors’ websites. What are they doing? What can you replicate? What can you do to differentiate from them? What can you improve?

What features should a restaurant website have?

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to understand that your business has two fronts: the physical (the restaurant itself) and the digital world. The latter one is where guests look for their next good restaurant to visit. They consider different options, read their menus, dining hours, location, and more.

What features should a restaurant website have?

So you to make your restaurant’s website stand out from the pack. To help you in this process we have created a list of the must-have elements for a great restaurant website design.

Easy access to essential business information

Anyone considering different restaurant options is looking for key information like contact info, business hours, and address. Make sure all of it is shown on the home page front and centered. The easier it is for them to access these details, the better the chances for them to actually convert into paying customers.

Editable text-based menus

Your website visitors are also looking to learn what food and drinks they can get at your location. So make it easy for them to read your menu. Try to stay away from PDF menus, as it will be harder for you to make edits in the future. Plus, it’s not that friendly for your potential customers.

Reservations button and online ordering system

Anyone who lands on your website should have the option to book a table or place an online order. Easy access is one of the most valued features by customers. Consider having these buttons in the top navigation bar. Just a few clicks should be more than enough for a visitor to either make a reservation or place an order.


According to Restaurant Engine, 80% of customers have researched a restaurant using a mobile device. So, the right thing to do is to create a website design that is responsive to all types of screens.

Inviting images

People eat with their eyes, so having great professional pictures of your gourmet dishes will definitely help convert visitors into customers. Don’t spare about the costs of your pictures. They need to be eye-catching, and relevant and they need to transmit the flavors and deliciousness of each and one of your preparations.

Restaurant’s story and brand

Restaurant Dive states that at least 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before deciding to eat there. So make sure that their online experience is as captivating as possible. Make sure to include the story behind your restaurant, your logo, pictures of the dining room, and dishes. You can even share a bit about your head chef and key members of your staff.

6 Restaurant Web Designs to Follow

Many restaurants focus on providing a great experience on-site than in the digital world. But, there are those who have managed to create the best restaurant websites. Remember, the key is to stick to the design elements we explained before and provide a great online experience.

Let’s take a closer look at six of the best website design examples. They all can work as a source of inspiration to create your own very best restaurant website.

Pujol – Mexico City

Pujol‘s website is a great example of how to reinforce your restaurant’s brand in the digital world. The clean background, the black letters, and the icons are synonyms of elegance and the modern world.

A great restaurant web design includes a series of elements that instructs the customer on what to expect from it.

On the homepage, they stick to the most important information, such as location, contact info, social media icons, and logos of the awards they have earned. They also provide a link to make a reservation.

In our modest opinion, the only thing missing is pictures of their rich interiors and their beautifully designed dishes.

Cutiepies Pizza & Bar – Texas

Juicy images, a clear call-to-action, and a dark background. This website is filled with amazing elements that prove to us that taking the risk of not playing it safe is worth it.

Photography and calls to action are key elements on a great web design

On the homepage, Cutipies provide enough information to make anyone want to taste their pizzas. They also share links to their different promotions and their menu. Their upper navigation bar gives the customer access to their online ordering solution or to the reservations link.

The Original – Colorado

A restaurant website that sticks to the look and feel of the physical site. A mix of the classic American style with some modern hints. Visitors have the chance to learn about the restaurant’s story, events, menu, hours, and location.

Your restaurant web design should match your brand's identity.

When you start scrolling down you will find a series of pictures that make the classic burger or milkshake something you want to taste.

Abnormal – California

A full-screen video background greets visitors with a series of signature drinks and dishes. The dark background and the style of the pictures are aligned with the “abnormality” they are proud of.

Full-screen pictures and videos are a great way to sell your restaurant's signature dishes and drinks

If anyone has leveraged the power of great photography is them. Slides, videos, pictures. They all tell you the story of the restaurant and the experience you will live if you get to their location.

Hunter – Texas

This nice farm-to-table American restaurant’s website is a one-page scroll that’s filled with pictures that highlight the colors and textures of their dishes. To make it easier for the visitors, each picture includes the name of the dish.

Your brand's color scheme should be present in every page of your restaurant's website.

One great asset they did not forget to include different press reviews. They have a series of quotes that reinforce the greatness of the experience of eating here.

Lucky Folks – Lieusaint

And the last restaurant website design we want to share demonstrates that eating goes far beyond the food. It’s about the experience. And that’s what the message they share in every picture and video. “Eat. Drink. Play.” is their motto.

Focus on selling on your website your dining experience.

This website is proof that dining can be fun, entertaining, and the best way to build fond memories.


Whether you have a fancy restaurant or a quick lunch solution, you need to design a website that converts visitors into paying customers. How? Making sure you make a good impression on them with an online experience as interesting enough to make them want to order online or actually go to your location.

At Sortlist we want to encourage you to work with website designers and photographers with proven experience in this type of business. It’s not easy to capture the deliciousness of a perfect dish in a picture. Plus, the design process of a restaurant website is not an easy task.

And remember, you can always come back to this article and check what design elements you need to include. The location, the dining hours, and the menu. Everything is there for a reason and responds to your potential customer needs and interests.

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