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QR Codes: The Power of Marketing Technology Through QR Codes on Flyers and Proximity Marketing


QR codes are emerging into the mainstream method for easy transactions, building a direct connection between businesses and customers, and gathering first-party information. There is anticipation that QR codes will have widespread usage in almost every business sector in the future. 

Moreover, with the increasing practice of touch-less transactions, we see the majority of businesses going for QRcode flyers, as well as including them on their websites and products.

But, were you aware that aside from facilitating easy transactions, QR codes can be an excellent tactic for brand marketing?

As per a 2019 study by Blue Bite, user growth for QR codes was 28%, with an increase of 35% in its usage. In fact, there is huge potential for marketing growth with QR codes as globally, 4% of consumers use QR codes for transactions.

We know that just the popularity of a product is not a mark for its actual effectiveness. Hence, we have plenty of stats and examples in our content for you to see and decide for yourself if QRs are a yes or no for you.

So, without any delay, let’s jump into the content:

Best Ways to Leverage QR Codes for Impactful Business Marketing

Gaining Consistent Visitors to Your Website

Maybe your print advertisement does not have all the information about your product. Here, use a QR code that can redirect viewers to the product landing page at your website. They will get detailed information on the product, such as its description, order placement procedure, and pricing range. Such a convenience will make them visit your site again for future purchases.

For this, you can include QR codes on your brand’s flyers and link them to the product page of your eCommerce website.

You should create a QR code for your business that meets your marketing needs using a credible QR code generator website.

Looking at the stats by Statista, there were estimate-driven predictions that alone the USA would have nearly 11 million QR code flyer scans by households. This implies you have a probability of a minimum of 11 million visitors to your selling page. Why not shoot your shot by providing QR codes that bring viewers to your website.

Boosting Your Social Media Followers

Till now, you must be aware of the power of social media for the growth of a business. So to use QR codes as marketing material, link social media QR codes on your products to your social media pages such as Instagram or Facebook.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your customers to give a product review or tag your business along with the product they bought. These are a great way to gain user-generated content and boost your business’s reach on social media networking sites.

As per data, 90% of buyers search for online reviews before making a purchase.

Get App Downloads

If you have an app for your business, but not many people have downloaded it, then a QR code can come in handy here as well.

In fact, QR codes can drive downloads at a faster rate than any other technique. As per an analysis by Chick-fil-A, there was a 14% increase in downloads of its brand-based app with QR codes.

Here a QR code will be helping you to bring viewers to the marketing funnel through the mobile application. However, you need a smart strategy to do so. Here check out how Burger King did the same in Halloween season 2016.

Adding More People to Your Email List

Printing QR codes on your business cards, advertisements and billboards should be a must to you. When your customers will scan coupon QR codes to avail offers on your products, ask them to sign up to get the rewards. Here you just smartly made them to join your email listing. Good job!

Now you can move ahead with the perfect email listing strategy to boost your marketing. For example, now you have a wider audience getting to know about your new product launches, discounts, limited editions, and many more.

Sharing Your Contact Details

VCard QR code enables you to share your business details, including address, email, phone numbers, etc. Dynamic QR codes allow you the freedom to modify the contact details as many times as you want.

You can use business cards as QR code flyer. Do not use static QR codes for sharing contacts, for this Dynamic QR codes are suitable.

Just sign up to a QR code generator online app and with some QR code basics create a brand new QR code for your business.

Increasing Your Post-purchase Customer Engagement

You can create QR codes specifically for getting customers’ feedback, where they can review and rate your products and services.      

To make it better, link these QR codes to discount coupons making them come back to you for their future purchases.

Statisticss on the Impact of Online Reviews

As per a study by Oberlo, nearly 9 out of 10 buyers prefer reading reviews before buying any product or service. In fact, approx 72% of people agreed they trust online reviews the way they trust the advice of their close friends. To build trust among your consumer base by offering them authentic reviews by your other customers.

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Examples of Powerful, Real-World Qr Code Marketing

If the ways mentioned above to leverage QR code scans didn’t convince you, then check out these popular brands using it for or their successful advertising campaigns with their modern ideas.


Paypal is taking QR code usability to the next level by making it a prime aspect of its mobile marketing strategy. By just scanning QR codes, customers can initiate installments with businesses or other users on the platform by themselves.

They don’t have to sign up every time and quickly make payments within a few seconds.


Amazon Go

Among the robust technologies that the Amazon Go store uses, QR codes are among the best of them. Customers can check out without the presence of a cashier through just QR codes.

From uQR.me

Amazon’s AR Activation

Another Initiative by Amazon is unlocking the AR experience by scanning QR codes on its product packaging. It facilitates an application named Amazon AR app.

Here, Amazon delivery boxes come with a pumpkin face print where users draw a face on it using the app. By scanning the code, users can make the pumpkin a live Jack O’lantern. It follows the camera of the phone across the room.

Both Android and iOS users can use this app. The purpose behind the initiative is to let users reuse the boxes in a fun way until they take them to the recycling bin.

It brings better customer engagement to the Amazon app, especially during the Halloween season.


Starbucks uses QR codes and its marketing campaigns to boost sales. They integrate QR codes into their glossy or fine paper print and outdoor advertisements.

Their QR code’s content usually offers promotions or discounts. They also make cashless payments through these codes. When the company took this initiative in 2016, it was an inspiration for all the businesses at that time.

Instagram Nametags

One of the popular social networking mobile apps “Instagram”, offers a Name Tags feature that users can customise. Users can use the app’s camera to follow any account.

This strategy helps businesses to boost their following by inserting their name tag on different social profiles. It is the best way to attract followers from cross-platforms.


The brand is smoothing out the user experience by offering speedy checkout with QR codes. The mobile app of the brand identifies the products that customers purchase. Then, it totals the price where users can pay directly through the app and receive receipts as well.

 It is a good example of customers’ QR codes.

Qr Code and Proximity Marketing

Understanding Proximity Market

The proximity marketing strategy with beacons includes a mobile device that has Bluetooth enabled. The device is set up to a specific area that is under the range of the beacon.

Further, it passes the information in the form of different media content through the respective mobile application.

How Proximity Market Works

Such content may involve text, images, or videos. To carry out this technique, you need to have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device at the selected spot, implement a beacon in the area, and a relevant mobile app in the smartphones of target customers.

Further, the beacon detects the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and sends request notifications to the consumer. Once the consumer grants the permission, it displays the messages on their phone that are created for marketing purposes.

Proximity Market and QR Codes

However, businesses can use QR codes and NFC to contact consumers who do not have relevant apps on their phones. The NFC stickers and keycards come with an embedded QR code layer. Further, when consumers scan them, they are redirected to the hyper-contextual advertising campaigns of the respective business. 

Wrapping Up

QR codes are the future of marketing. As the world is going digital, such kinds of technologies are bound to thrive. So, after learning almost all the details about QR codes, what’s your opinion on them? Would you be considering them for your next marketing strategies? If yes, check out a reliable QR code generator to create a flyer QR code for your business with the most suitable QR code flyer template.

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